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........Welcome to my webpage. ...........I hope you find it helpful.......J.R. .. W4JRB ..

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J.R.'S Home Page
J.R.'s First Web Page
Looping southeast radar.
Latest information.
Walker Emergency Management Association
See what Johnny is up to.
W4JRB Page 2
Starting a new webpage.
Switchboard Data Base.
Find people,address's,locations,phone numbers.
Telecomp Links
Usefull info. and Links
QRZ Callsign Database
Look up amature radio callsigns.
A place to start
Windows95 Themes
Spice up Windows95
Z D Net
Try surfing this wave.
Weather Forcast
Check on Weather conditions here.
The Mountain Eagle
Walker county's local newspaper.
Bored? Go see Jenny
Playboys Jenny McCarthy
King Features
Some of your favorite cartoons.
Make your own web page.
Check out this hot, new link.
My vitual reference desk
Find references
Realplayer Zone
Audio and Video downloads
The Blount County Amateur Radio Club
Web Page for Hams
ZDnet free downloads
Top 20 free downloads.
W4JRB's Guestbook
Please register in my guestbook. It will help me know what you would like to see and have links to. Thank You J.R.
Clinton Jokes
Caution:::: I can not control content on this site.
Alabama Dept. of Conservation Webpage
See what Alabama has to offer sportsmen.
B'ham Amateur Radio Webpage
Look at what the B'ham club is doing.
Blue Mountain Arts
Send an Eletronic Greeting card
Find Anyone
Find that lost love or old friend.
The Smokies Magazine
Take a trip and see the beauty of the Great Smokie Mountains
Games Games Games
Games to download. Have fun.
Princess Di ,The Poodle
Princess helps with my work.
Walker Amateur Radio Club
Walker Amateur Radio Club Homepage
Dogbyte midi Archives
Play more midi music.
My Answering Machine.
You can leave me a private or personal message here.
W4JRB at home.
Photo's of J.R.'s Dog "Princess" and his "Tower".
More Links
Links you might enjoy.
W4JRB's page at Geocities.
Links to Explore
Birmingham Radar Image.
Radar View of our area from B'ham,Al.
AD4ND's Webpage
Visit Rick's Webpage for interesting links.
Online Hamfest
Find that Ham related Item.
Sierra Homepage for updates and downloads.
Mark Lowry Webpage
Religion and Inspiration
Bravenet Web Services
Hot Files Web Site
Free Software Library
Launch Pad
Discover new links.
Earth's Free Multiplayer Service
Realplayer Home Page
Get Realplayer download.
W.A.R.C. Christmas Party "98"
WARC newsletter
WinAmp Download Site
Enjoy this free download.
W W Warren Webpage
WB9TMP Webpage "Great links"
National Center for Missing and Exploited Children
Please Help keep a lookout.
Cardiff University Webpage
Very interesting links and Information.
World Weather
What is the weather in Europe?
Earthwatch weather now.
Weather around the globe.
Drudge Report
What you may want to know.
Title 47 Telecommunications
Part 97 Amateur Radio Services
Weather and Ham links
Usefull links
See if you can spot the image,deep within.
Advanced Yellow Pages
Updated Yellow Page Entries
Build web pages
Net Zero
Free e-mail service.
Post Cards Online
Send a postcard to a friend.
Snap Entertainment
Take a look around and be entertained.
Express Weather
An Express weather site.
Rain or Shine Weather Cameras
Look to see what the camera sees.
Map Blast
A great mapping and locating site.
Hear Me
A communication and chat site.
Real Guide
Music site
Earth Tuner Live
Live Radio and T.V. Programs tuner.
Earth Tuner Links
Some cool links to explore.
Trend Micro
Will check your computer for viruses ,online.
Internet Explorer Downloads
Stay up to date.
3 D Screen Saver
Use your 3D card. See what it will do.
Free Screen Savers
Good site
Free Search
Download Screen Savers
Free stuff site.
See if what you need is here.
Galt Software Downloads
Free downloads.
The microsoft network.
Video Camera Site.
Logitec Quick Camera
ABC 33/40
Birmingham Al. T.V. Station.
Interactive Investor
Investors site.
Win 95/98 Screensavers
Free downloads.
Propilot99 updates.
Radio Station Guide
Hotfiles Internet
Internet Programs.
Win 95
Windows 95 programs.
Windows Updates.
See what is new for Windows.
Swiss Chapter 13
Adventure Tales
The Worlds Weather
Snap Home
Visit Snap for Good Links-My Snap
Lycos MP3 songs to download.
Find over 500,000 mp3 song titles.
National Weather Service
Weather,Watches,and Warnings.
Ask Jeeves
A search asking direct questions. Try it.!!!
Ham Page from S5ARL
A W4DX five star web page. * * * * *
City of Gulf Shores Webpage
Listen to the Gulls and the Surf.
Shelby County Amateur Radio Club.
A nice homepage.
NZ1M Webpage
Ham Radio Links - W4JRB rated * * * * *
QSL Net Homepage.
QSL information and services.
W4JRB's Ham's Delight.
J.R.'s new,improved version of Ham's Delight.